white velvet durag

As per your dress color, you can buy durag. It can either make your wave journey progressive or break your dream. To achieve a 360 wave pattern constant brushing is key, but improper protection of your hair can ruin your progress. This is probably the main interest of wearing this accessory throughout the day: after a brushing session, you put on your durag and at least like that you are sure that the hair stays in place, well plastered against the skull. Why We Love Them: We love that each pack comes with a black durag, and then a choice of another color like purple or green. Our designated shopping section features products that we love and want to share with you. This silky durag features an all-over embedded glitter design that displays in a sparkle under light. Should I wear a durag to bed? It’s not enough to wear it all day to create beautiful waves, you have to take it off every now and then to brush your hair. It happens mainly because of the pollution in the atmosphere that evaporates hair moisture and makes them dull. The texture of the silk satin material is such that it protects the hair from the external environment without losing any of the moisture.

Kitchen Breathable fabrics always provide an extra edge to the durag and also helps to retain the moisture. These durags are also available in a mesh variant which is more breathable than other fabrics. Originally, durags was for black men to nurture and style their hair overnight. Why do black men wear durags? Go through the points mentioned below and know the reasons to make use of velvet durags. As you know rain and snow can ruin your hair as if let on long enough can even get some people sick. In the passage attached below we mention some points that will help you to know why people are using this. The answer to why do black men wear durags is not a simple one, and you will receive a different answer depending on who you ask. Traditionally black men wore durags for fashion and function, but what about today? Today you see durags making their way into pop culture, being worn by athletes, musical artists, YouTubers, and personalities.

Get a better durag today by visiting Better Spirits Durags! Being the seller or premium unique durags that is a common question we receive at the Better Spirits’ headquarters. Better Spirits Durags’ premium black and red two-tone silky durag show off two complimentary colors. The Black Power Movement (the 1960s) saw black men wearing durags as a fashion statement. Wearing a durag puts a barrier between the elements and your body. Probably the most overlooked reason why black men wear durags is the protection of the natural elements. Now you know why do black men wear durags, so what are you waiting for? Do you know the part of the durag that hangs in the back? Velvet durags are one of the wonderful hairstyle preserver dates back to 19th century. The history of durags dates back to the 1930s, when they were used by women to African American women to protect their hairstyles. The durag dates back to the early 19th century where it was used as headwear to label slaves. Originally, Durags were worn by African-American women and slaves in the 19th century.

Many women are choosing bonnets over durags because they think it makes them look more attractive. Contact Rag Ratz, for purchasing genuine quality durags. Contact a trustworthy store to buy.. This online store is retailing a wide variety of trendy durags at the reasonable cost. Durags can come in various materials giving you an overwhelming option to pick from. Texture : Silk is incredibly soft and has a flattering sheen, giving it an upscale, luxurious appeal. This variation is informed by various factors including the bristles of your brush and the wetness of your hair.A wave durag durag is more than just a fashion statement. They will help you to get better wave by increasing compression, and protect your wave when sleeping. You will get the same stylized hair, that was there at the time of leaving the house. And above all, you have to remember to wear it upside down, seam up, so as not to risk leaving a trace!