luxury velvet durag

Commitment: The durag and sleep cap are made of high quality materials. Fit. Some people report that the cap doesn’t fit their head correctly. Step Two: Place the durag on your head like a hood where the flap hangs along your neck lying flat and the front sits comfortably just above your eyebrows. For those who spend a lot of time outdoors or like sunbathing, durags can limit how much exposure you have to the sun. They can be purchased for any couple and could make a fantastic present for a bride and groom or for anyone who has just got engaged. IDEAL GIFT – It’s the best present for Birthday/ Anniversary/ Valentine’s Day/ Father’s day/ Thanksgiving/ Christmas/ New Year for men or boys over 12 years old. It is very suitable for braids, cyclists, hip-hop lovers, chemotherapeutic patients with hair loss, Muslim headscarves, both men and women, night caps can be used. Similarly, bonnets are used by women to sleep in so that their hair is not disturbed by all the movement at night. Keep that polished look you are aiming for with this 2-piece headwrap for men and women.

Similar to the bonnet for black women, the durag helps countless black men keep their waves, cornrows, and dreads in check. Your matching bonnet and durag set are not only going to make you both look incredible and be the envy of any of your followers on social media but will also preserve your precious hair. Update: We have been blowing up on social media, for this reason this product is only available for a limited time and stock will run out very soon. This joorag will have shawty looking at you different joorags are the best durag out! Our durags have good compression, but don’t make your scalp sweat or cause your hair to lose moisture. I know we’ve been talking about durags and waves, so what does a durag do on braids? Durags have been used to get waves, avoid dripping of sweat, and for many other purposes for a long period of time. Our silk and velvet Durags are beneficial as they help maintain waves, improve hair texture, and keep your hairstyle. THIS OPULENT DURAG IS MADE FROM A VELVET MATERIAL THAT WILL LEAVE YOUR HAIR LAID & WILL NOT DAMAGE YOUR HAIR. Look and feel like Royalty with the softest, most plush velvet material we could find.

Brand Value: Every brand of Royal Waves Velvet Durag has a value all its own. It’s one of its top-selling points and marketed well by the brand. Here we select a famous brand for you in the market for its best quality durags and amazing packages its offering to its customers. We are offering COMPLIMENTARY 2-5 DAY SHIPPING on purchases of 2 or more. New design Velvet more Soft and Comfort- Made by new soft velvet material, more soft and smooth ,comfortable and breathable.. Are you looking for velvet durag at wholesale prices? Whether you are looking to get your waves on point, something to prevent dust on a workday, trying to block the cold weather from your head, or even looking for a stylish durag, we have you covered. So, when your durag arrives, it will look amazing, purple velvet durag feel amazing and enhance your waves. So, this combo pack includes the best material durag for waves. In addition, the breathable material won’t add extra heat to your head and keeps you safe from overheating.

As a result, these durags provide complete hair coverage to ensure proper fittings and keep scalps safe from overheating. Triple Stitch Seams! – Won’t rip while putting on like similar cheap durags on the market. For protecting the hair and its waves or curls from loosening their structure to using the durag as a scarf or a bandana while biking, durags have lots of utilities for men. Adding further, it gives an elegantly smooth feel and soft touch while being equally gentle and breathable thus being perfect for every season. The perfect blend of the fabric makes it a soft and ultra-comfortable option. In combination with each other, they form a perfect package for couples. ❤ Breathable Materials: Made of good quality velvet and soft silk, which are smooth and flexible, the combination of external softness and internal smoothness is comfortable, breathable,stretchable and friendly to skin.. Package Include: 1 pcs Velvet durag 1 pcs Velvet bonnet, Total 2pcs one set ,Made from high quality velvet,New material, more comfortable and soft. But you might’ve seen people who regularly use double or more durags which is not quite a healthy practice. It has a lot of benefits and the people who wear it are not criminals and not all of them are connected with gangs.